M Group Services’ Water Division launches Training Academy Water Division launches Training Academy

7th May 2024

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Across M Group Services’ Water Division, we are excited to announce the launch of our Water Division Training Academy.

The Water Division Training Academy is the latest initiative in our extensive toolbox encouraging self-development and reflection, enabling one high performing team. We’re proud to be offering simultaneous learning, development and training opportunities covering different levels across our Division.

We are aware of the challenges faced across our sector, and recognise the importance of creating opportunities for our workforce to have the resources and skillset to deal with our ever-changing industry.

Working with partners such as Energy & Utility Skills, Women Utilities Network and Social Recruitment Advocacy Group to deliver engaging training for our people, our Training Academy harnesses transferable skills for our colleagues. The skills developed through our programmes are adaptable for personal and professional circumstances.

Iain Sutherland, Managing Director at M Group Services- Water Division, said: “Our Water Division Training Academy is an exciting initiative that invests in our people and further enhances our ability to attract and retain emerging talent to help our clients in the water industry deliver on their challenging ambitions for this asset management period and beyond.

“Last year, we welcomed over 38 new apprentices and seven graduates who, alongside other colleagues, will be able to take advantage of the training academy to further their skills and knowledge.”

To highlight people’s accomplishments, we are providing badges of achievement that can be displayed by individuals on their email signature.

As part of our Water Division Training Academy, we are proud to celebrate the success of our Supervisor Programme. Launched in 2023, the programme has seen two cohorts enhance their skills as they navigate their journey to become exceptional people managers.

Across M Group Services, we are committed to providing opportunities to retain and develop our highly skilled, forward thinking and technically competent people.