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PMP provides specialist end-to-end engineering solutions to the UK's water and power industries, delivering services in hazardous and difficult to access environments and providing a holistic approach to your problems.

PMP has unrivalled expertise in providing bespoke engineering solutions in hazardous and challenging environments.

We solve problems and provide design and engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and installation solutions tailored to the individual client and project requirements.

Based out of our bespoke Burnley facility, we have experience working nationally across the water, gas, power, hydropower and process industries.

Following substantial growth in Scotland, we opened a regional Glasgow branch in 2022, mirroring the set up and capability of the main facility which allows us to react quickly and effectively in the area.

PMP Utilities History

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An introduction to PMP Utilities

PMP has developed long-term relationships with clients through multi-year framework agreements and standalone projects.

Through delivery excellence and by remaining safe, professional, collaborative and responsible at all times, we deliver what we promise for our customers.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce is our core value and is embedded in our policies, procedures and behaviours so that all of our delivered work is designed and managed to the highest safety standards.

Customer Focused

Our main focus is to understand our customers’ needs and fully meet their expectations. We seek to achieve this through collaborative working and developing and maintaining lasting relationships. This, coupled with our desire to deliver high quality and cost-effective construction projects, means we produce the best possible solutions for our customers and stakeholders.

Our service is enhanced by the knowledge and experience of our professional staff, trained in-house direct workforce and trusted supply chain, who we encourage to work together to add value for our customers and the communities in which we work.

We understand the value of repeat business and pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellence in all that we do. The quality of our people and the ease of dealing with us are key reasons why our customers choose us.

With our customers we are well known for our renowned reputation for our relentless focus on safety, quality, collaborative working, problem solving, continuous improvements and openness.

About Us