What is V33?

Connecting CIPP lined pipe sections back to new pipes has proved to be difficult, problematic and expensive.

V33 Transition Adaptor provides a gas tight seal to the annulus of the parent pipe and the liner inside it whilst providing a new flange to enable new connections to be made to the existing host pipe.

V33 provides a quick, reliable and robust solution to these challenges, providing many benefits when compared with traditional methods:

  • Allows localised repair without decommissioning sections of the gas network
  • Ensures that no gas passes up the annulus between the liner and the host pipe or passes to atmosphere
  • Enables existing networks to be maintained or extended
  • Are manufactured to fit pipe diameters from 250mm (8”) to 1200mm (48”)
  • More common sizes are carried in stock whilst other sizes are made to order
  • Enables existing networks to be extended
  • Allows connections to be made to properties
  • Negates the need for pipeline decommissioning
  • Removes the need for post installation revalidation of the pipeline
  • Provides a more effective repair solution to those currently available
  • Negates major civils work with its associated disruption and cost
  • Reduces engineering costs
  • Meets UK Standards PL1 & PL2.

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