AMEX©-10 Benefits

AMEX©-10 benefits include it’s versatility.  It is a no dig solution which eliminates the need for invasive access from the surface which could cause further problems to the affected pipeline and its foundations.  AMEX©-10 provides a permanent seal which will not rot, rust or corrode.  It has been independently tested and proven to be safe for use with potable water, sewage, chemicals and gases.

  • AMEX©-10 comes with PMP’s unparalleled No Seal, No Pay guarantee
  • AMEX©-10 is installed by PMP’s experienced personnel
  • AMEX©-10 is a WRAS Approved Product, both Mono and Vario
  • AMEX©-10 is operational to 25 bar
  • AMEX©-10 has been tested to 50 bar
  • AMEX©-10 has a 50 year life expectancy
  • AMEX©-10 meets the requirements of BS6920 and BS903
  • AMEX©-10 has been used by many water utility companies
  • AMEX©-10 is 100% mechanical
  • AMEX©-10 has just 2 materials – EPDM (or NBR) Rubber and Stainless Steel
  • AMEX©-10 is flexible
  • AMEX©-10 is robust
  • No dig
  • No adhesives
  • No chemicals