New light weight BA sets for the confined space entry and rescue teams

Confined Space Entry and Rescue are core services of our teams. To ensure that we operate safely we continually monitor all of our equipment to ensure that it is up to date and suitable for the jobs we get involved in.

BA sets are a key part of the equipment our guys use, but they can be heavy and cumbersome items, particularly when working in confined spaces that have tight access or have significant vertical or horizontal traverses.

We have just taken delivery of some new additional BA sets from Ash Safety. These cylinders are 9L 300 Bar composite ultralight with unlimited service life.

They take cylinders to an all new level by using the very latest technology. They feature a blown thermoplastic polyester liner that contains a boss made from either stainless steel or aluminium and are then carbon fibre wrapped with epoxy resin to withstand rigorous use.

They are 30% lighter than conventional aluminium lined cylinders and 5 times lighter than steel. They offer a longer duration of breathable air to the wearer as well as being much lighter, with less risk of user fatigue and back problems. The cylinders have an unlimited life span as they have achieved more than 12000 cycles at 450 bar so conform to EN12245.

The sets are Scott ProPak-1 with vision 3 masks and make for a very light total set up.

To ensure the masks are protected from scuffs during mobilisation to site there is a cover bag within the branded and bespoke vinyl covers which we’ve had made in electric orange with the PMP logo. We’ve also housed them in some nice shiny aluminium boxes!

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