IRATA Level III Rope Access Supervisor

To ensure that PMP continues to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations we have recently appointed Mark Ives, an IRATA Level III Rope Access Supervisor, as Head of PMP’s rope access team.

The use of rope access methods improves the safety and speed with which the teams can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area. The combination of rope access, engineering and confined space work & rescue expertise, provides a single sourced solution; reducing both the number of interfaces a client has to manage and the risks associated with any project.

Mark Ives has over nine years’ experience within the oil and gas industry, where safety is absolutely paramount. The continued monitoring to ensure a safe system of work is established and maintained, is mirrored within PMP’s utility engineering works, evidenced through PMP’s 15 year zero RIDDOR score.

Mark joins PMP’s well established Rope Access Team, with responsibility for above and below ground engineering and rescue projects that require the use of ropes. Mark will also be able to advise clients on the benefit of using rope access techniques, across a variety of disciplines.

If there any projects where you think rope access could be a requirement, please do get in touch.

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