Dedicated Confined Space Rescue Vehicles

The latest investment by PMP Utilities is the addition of two dedicated confined space rescue vehicles to our fleet, both with stretcher carrying capabilities and on-board welfare facilities; which enable the teams to be self-sufficient, at the remotest of sites.

Confined Space Rescue is an important and growing part of the PMP Utilities portfolio. By its very nature it is a team effort and, with dedicated and experienced teams in place, the number of rescue jobs PMP is being awarded is growing substantially. Forthcoming projects include technical rope rescue work from within confined spaces and at significant height.

Those in the world of Health & Safety are well aware of the term ‘Suitable and Sufficient’. It is not considered ‘suitable and sufficient’ to have a rescue plan in place that solely relies on the emergency services. It is critical to provide an appropriate means of on-site rescue, both to comply with confined space regulations and to ensure the safety of the operational crew.

Onsite rescue teams provide faster response times as they are located at the point of works; they have first hand knowledge of the job and individuals involved and will have suitable and highly specialised equipment available on site.

The onsite rescue team can then brief and work with the emergency services to ensure onward transportation to the most appropriate medical facility, if required.

Once fitted out with appropriate kit, the new vehicles were deployed to site, in these instances, providing rescue cover for third party teams.

Rescue van on site - low resRescue van on site 2 - low res

If you find yourself involved in a project that has a confined space element and need any assistance in understanding or managing the rescue/entry aspect please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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