CompEx EX11 – Certificate of Competence

Since the introduction of ATEX (DSEAR) users must identify all possible ignition sources that could arise in hazardous areas. The identification of these ignition sources includes electrical and non-electrical (mechanical) items of equipment. In addition to the existing safety measures applied to ensure safety of electrical equipment in hazardous areas measures for explosion safety now apply to non-electrical equipment. The safety measures for non-electrical equipment used in hazardous areas not only include the design of equipment but also those aspects required for safe selection, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair. The course is aimed at mechanical technicians and engineers.

Completion of these types of courses ensure our confined space engineering teams continue to provide you with the peace of mind that engineering operations in hazardous areas are carried out to the very highest standards of safety.

With over 20 years with zero RIDDOR reportable accidents, we make health & safety our first priority.

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