PMP were called by Yorkshire Water Services to attend Hull WwTW initially to inspect the main Inlet Pump Well; 27 metres deep and contained 12 storm pumps and 4 FFT pumps.

On arrival it became apparent that some FFT pumps had lost their guide rails and the duck-foot of one FFT pump was badly
damaged and cracked leaving the pump station at risk if any pumps were to fail.

PMP were introduced to IMP by Yorkshire Water and a plan was devised where the works could be carried out with both
companies working closely together, in tandem, with IMP cleaning the wet well of debris from all stairways, walkways and all components enabling PMP to carry out the mechanical repairs.

PMP supplied all mechanical engineering and opted to access the wet well using rope access techniques when replacing the stainless steel guide rails, thereby eliminating the costs and delays associated with scaffolding.

YWS were so impressed by PMP’s rope access capability they also employed PMP to provide the Confined Space Rescue Team for IMP whilst they prepared the wet well and removed excess debris from around the pump base and walkways.

The whole project was completed in just 3 weeks and was finished significantly ahead of scheduled deadlines with all 4 FFT pumps left in a position where not only could they be accessed via their guide rails in the future but the new duck-foot was installed and inefficient pumps were removed and replaced leaving the inlet works with a full complement of pumps ready for the winter.

James Moore, Yorkshire Water, said “Just thought I drop a note to say thanks for a job very well done. Consistent ‘can do’ attitude from PMP which is unfortunately becoming a rarity.”