PMP provide Confined Space Rescue Team to IMP for Yorkshire Water Services.

PMP were contracted by Yorkshire Water Services to replace the guide rails of the inlet well pumps within a 27 metres deep well containing 12 storm pumps and 4 FFT pumps.

PMP supplied all mechanical engineering and, when replacing the stainless steel guide rails, opted to access the wet well using rope access techniques to eliminate the costs and delays associated with scaffolding.

Due to the complex nature of the well, with multi-staged landings and a 6m dividing wall at the base of the well, it was clear that recovery of a casualty from the confined space was going to be difficult and time consuming and would be insufficient to meet the needs of “suitable and sufficient” Emergency Arrangements.

PMP solved the problem. PMP would lift one of the floor plates to gain an unobstructed, vertical, straight line to the bottom of the well, enabling a working line and a safety line to be suspended from a tested A-frame.

Using rope access techniques, the IRATA trained PMP Confined Space Rescue Team were able to retrieve a casualty using a Z-rig, permanently set up on the working line. A practice drill, using a 85kg rescue training dummy, proved PMP we were able to recover a casualty in 1 minute 56 seconds.

YWS were so impressed by PMP’s rope access capability they employed PMP to provide the Confined Space Rescue Team for IMP whilst they prepared the wet well to remove excess debris from around the pump base and walkways.

The whole project was completed in just 3 weeks and was finished significantly ahead of scheduled deadlines.

James Moore, Yorkshire Water, said “Just thought I would drop a note to say thanks for a job very well done. Consistent ‘can do’ attitude from PMP which is unfortunately becoming a rarity.”