An hydraulic oil leak on Wind Turbines was inspected and repaired by PMP.

Yorkshire Water called in PMP investigate an hydraulic oil leak on the 40m wind turbines. On arrival it was found that the whole of the tower stack was covered in hydraulic oil and the build-in fall arrest system could not be relied on due to the oil contamination making access treacherous.

PMP’s first action was to make safe access up the stack using rope access techniques and to clean the turbine stack, including the in-build fall arrest system.

Once safe access was established, and the stack cleaned, we were then able to access the Nacelle and inspect the hydraulic system where we found a crack in the housing of the hydraulic Yaw motor.

To change the Yaw motor we first had install a Yaw lock (which prevents the Nacelle rotating uncontrollably while the Yaw motor is removed) and then we removed the hydraulic power pack. To do this we set up a 500kg 110v electric hoist in the nacelle which enabled us to remove the existing Yaw motor and install the new one.

The whole project took just 3 days including the cleaning operation and initial inspection.