PMP were called to Dean Head Reservoir situated above Scammonden Reservoir.

Although the site is situated off a small road, access to the valve is over rough terrain and wet moorland and can therefore only be accessed by 4×4; PMP’s range of 4×4 vehicles ensure all areas can be accessed.

On arrival the 12” valve was found seized to the point of being almost impossible to move.

Yorkshire Water isolated the upstream valve allowing us access to the seized valve.

We assessed the options and, because the valve would have been very difficult to remove in its entirety as it is sandwiched between 2 long lengths of 12” CI pipe with fixed ends, it was agreed an in-site refurbishment was the most practicable and cost effective solution.

The valve bonnet and gland were removed to reveal the valve inners. Inside was built up with deposits of manganese and other debris which hampered the valve movement, the valve spindle was also built up with the same deposits making the operation near impossible without damaging the moving components.

PMP removed the valve spindle, drive nut, gate and gland packing. We redressed the valve seat on site.

The moving components were returned to our Haslingden works and cleaned, dressed and lubricated.

On site, the gate was then installed into the valve body and tested to ensure a good seal then the valve was reassembled c/w new gland packing, bolts, gaskets and a fresh coat of paint.

The valve was tested under load which had now become a one handed operation whereas previously it was a 2 man operation with extra leverage.

PMP recommend valves are periodically exercised to reduce debris deposits and prolong asset life.