PMP provided Rope Access to replace a burst pipe over a canal.

PMP were called in by EMS (Enterprise Management Services) to replace a pipe that was running along the side of a canal bridge.

The bridge was very narrow at its crest and a road closure for use of a crane was not an option. Scaffold was also ruled out because of a public footpath on the canal bank.

PMP proposed the best method for the safe removal of the pipe was to use Rope Access. This would involve just a single lane closure with ‘stop & go’ boards on each end of the bridge to keep the traffic flowing.

Once the PMP team had safely abseiled to the pipe, they were able to support the pipe by ropes and connect a hauling system to it before cutting out the old bolts to free the pipe. The rope access technique avoided crane hire which made work far less disruptive and made considerable cost savings.

Once the pipe was hauled from the side of the bridge, and moved safely away, the new pipe was then lowered into place. PMP also installed a new isolation valve for future maintenance.

All operations were completed in a single day and the pipe was back in service with the minimum of disruption and costs.