Emergency call out to burst on raw sewage pipework.

PMP were called to a remote site to attend a pipe burst from a damaged flange gasket in a sewage pump station dry well. On arrival the dry well was found flooded with raw sewage and real in danger of overflowing.

Within 4 hours of the initial call the wet well was drained and the pump and pipework secured to pump up the rising main.

PMP then excavated a chamber, negotiating the live sewer and other services, and employed line freeze and line stop to control the backflow of sewage while a new isolation valve was installed beyond the pump station. The new safety valve was engineered to fit where a flow meter used to be and was used to isolate the rising main of around 1,700m @ 50m head, while the damaged pipework and flange gasket was repaired.

PMP’s experience enabled us to complete the work quickly which prevented flooding and PMP’s ingenuity enabled us to overcame the need for tankers, which would normally be used for a job of this type, but which would have found access impossible due to the remote location.

Once the pipework was fully repaired and back in service the whole pump station dry well was cleaned and all pipework checked and braced to prevent further occurrences of the nature.