PMP were called to inspect two leaking valves, the guard and demand valves, situated in Ryburn Reservoir draw-off tower.

On inspection, it was found the stuffing glands were leaking very badly and the stuffing gland bolts were heavily corroded which would need changing if the gland was to be repacked successfully.

PMP were informed the gland bolts were of an unusual design which to replace would involve removing the valve control rod and valve bonnet and this could not be done since the reservoir was full.

PMP took a different view and manufactured new, replacement bolts that could be installed without the need to remove the valve bonnet or the control rod support stack.

With the new gland bolts installed, the glands were then be repacked with the valves live.

After the valve glands were repacked, we were then asked to price to replace all the stack and associated pipework bolts.

Initially we were asked to repair 2 valve glands but exceeded expectations and were then invited to do very much more, all completed with an uninterrupted presence on site and in a timely manner.