PMP were called by Arup to Upper Brighouse WwTW to assess the SLTP tanks as it was suspected the central scum skimmer and baffle ring had corroded.

The 12m diameter, 5m deep tanks were constructed from coated steel with a rotating baffle ring and scum collector. The tanks were sealed to prevent noxious odours escaping and causing local nuisance and had been moth-balled for some time.

Employed by Morgan=Est, PMP developed a Safe System of Work to safely survey the tanks using full BA and it quickly became apparent that the baffle ring was destroyed by corrosion leaving just a skeleton of its former self.

Following presentation of PMP’s survey findings, we were asked to restore the SLTP tanks to serviceable condition complete with measures to prevent further corrosion.

The whole project was completed in just 3 weeks, including replacing the existing baffle ring, its drive shafts, a scum box and scum removal system all in 316 stainless steel components fabricated by PMP’s Haslingden workshop. Whilst on site, we also rectified a valve problem, refurbish a drive motor and service the drive mechanisms, ensuring the tanks will be fully serviceable for the foreseeable future.