PMP fit round seal in square hole

Engineers from PMP have successfully repaired a leaking joint in a sewer pipe bridge using the AMEX-10 seal. The pipe bridge carries sewerage over the River Darwen, Pleasington, Lancashire.

A leak would cause a serious pollution risk to the environment and so immediate attention was required.

The pipe bridge carries a box culvert, the geometry of which meant that this repair was the first time PMP had used AMEX-10 seals on non-circular pipes.

The location of the leak meant that internal access was difficult but PMP engineers were able to successfully access and repair the joint with a minimum of disruption. The restricted access also determined the type of seal used.

AMEX-10 seals have a verified, guaranteed lifetime of over 50 years and so once the joint was repaired further access should not be required.

Balfour Beatty’s prior experience of PMP’s work, coupled with quality recommendations, prompted their involvement. Site agent Michael Bolton commented: “The location was very awkward for any form of repair but this system appears to be quite favourable. As such we are considering PMP for further projects.”

The AMEX-10 seal is a low profile mechanical seal for internal repair of leaking pipe joints. A robust section of rubber that spans the joint is installed using hydraulic expansion of stainless steel compression rings, thus eliminating the uses of chemical adhesives and their associated hazards. The seal is able to accommodate substantial joint movement and is abrasion resistant. They can be installed to all pipe sizes, where safe man access is achievable, without the costs of trenching and associated services.