PMP seals leaks at Sandon Dock with AMEX-10

Quick action from PMP to provide pipe joint repair fixes pipeline leaks at Sandon Dock Wastewater Treatment Works, Liverpool.

Birse Construction brought in PMP after water appeared between paving blocks at the WwTW site following hydraulic tests on a 1000mm diameter outlet pipe under a new treatment tank. The problem joints were located directly under a building and, with a head of around 3 bar, posed a threat to foundations. PMP used the AMEX-10 seal to repair leaking joints.

A four man team from PMP completed the work within 48 hours. They gained access to the pipeline thorough the outlet in the tank floor and fitted four AMEX-10 seals, including a steel-to-concrete transition joint. This is a low profile mechanical seal with a robust, abrasion resistant section of rubber that spans the joint. It is fitted using hydraulic expansion of stainless steel compression rings and is able to accommodate substantial joint movement.

Ground settlement was a suspected cause of the leaks. Sandon Dock WwTW is built on a Victorian dock site, with in-filled basins and buried masonry structures. Birse Construction Manager, Tom Gilfeather, explained this was no straightforward job:

“Because of the location of the outlet we could not get access to control the water in the pipe until we had built a weir wall inside the tank. Once this was achieved we conducted a CCTV survey but the results were inconclusive. Therefore we had all four joints sealed.”

“PMP proved this was the best solution. They worked rapidly and effectively using conventional safety procedures, so I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”