PMP repairs 30 inch water main inside 4 Hours

A rapid response to a serious leak in a main by PMP prevented thousands of premises from being without water.

A major leak was discovered in a 30 inch main at Hurst Green, near Clitheroe; the cause was a failure of a transition joint between a section of concrete main and cast iron main. Once Balfour Beatty, working with United Utilities, had isolated the main, they had only 60 hours to make any repairs. PMP were called in as their proven AMEX-10 seals was the ideal solution to the problem.

As a result of the main’s age, problems were encountered with the valve when attempting to shut off the supply. It was feared that a different valve, further upstream might need to be used, which would have affected many business premises (including restaurants).. However, this was averted as the original valve was able to be closed. Once the water supply was off, PMP engineers worked late into the night to complete the joint repair in as short a time as possible. As a precaution a second seal was installed to the next upstream joint. Access to the next downstream joint was not possible.

The AMEX-10 seal is a low profile mechanical seal for internal pipe joint repair of leaking pipeline joints. A robust section of rubber that spans the joint is installed using hydraulic expansion of stainless steel compression rings, eliminating the use of chemical adhesives and their associated hazards. The seal is able to accommodate substantial joint movement and provides abrasion resistance. Each seal has an independently verified life expectancy of more than 50 years.

Being an internal seal, the AMEX-10 seal system was the least invasive method of repair available. AMEX-10 seals can be installed to all pipe sizes, where safe man access is achievable. By completing all repairs internally, trenching and service costs are avoided.

Balfour Beatty Area Manager Mike Rogers and Project Manager Noel Prestige, were in charge of the operation. Noel Prestige commented: “Once the water was shut down, PMP repaired the joint within 4 hours of accessing it – that was the beauty of the operation.” He added that previous experience of working with PMP and the AMEX-10 seal system was the reason for them being called in for this emergency repair.