PMP repair steel pumping main in Northern Ireland.

PMP have used their proven AMEX-10 seals to successfully repair a major leak in a pumping main for The Water Service in Northern Ireland. The leak in a 1000mm dia. steel pipe operating at 6 bar, was so severe that on arrival PMP were confronted by water bubbling up through the ground. The repair to the leak, in Drumaroad, Ballynahinch, required the pipeline be closed for one day to allow PMP engineers access to install the seals. A total of four, 995mm dia. x 500mm wide seals were installed.

The AMEX-10 seal is a low profile mechanical seal for the internal repair of leaking pipeline joints. A robust section of rubber that spans the joint is installed using hydraulic expansion of stainless steel compression rings, eliminating the use of chemical adhesives and their associated hazards. The seal is able to accommodate substantial joint movement and provides abrasion resistance. The seals have an independently verified life expectancy of more than 50 years.

The Water Service, an Executive Agency within the Department for Regional Development providing water and sewerage services to over 730,000 customers throughout the province, called PMP to repair the leak based on the quality of previous work undertaken by PMP. The Water Service recognized the AMEX-10 seal system was the least invasive method of repair.

AMEX-10 seals can be installed to all pipe sizes, where safe man access is achievable. By completing all repairs internally, trenching and service costs are avoided.

Tony Budde (from The Water Service) commented: “We needed a fail-safe repair and PMP are second to none. The quality is first class.” Mr. Budde added “Should it be necessary, The Water Service would definitely use PMP again.”