15th May 2023

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PROJECT SNAPSHOT: After sustaining major damage to a 900mm brick sewer during overhead construction in Runcorn, United Utilities recommended to the main
contractor William Pye Limited (WPL) to contact PMP Utilities for assistance.

REPAIR OF A 900MM BRICK SEWER - Structural in repairing the 100-year-old critical network asset, as we were able to manage and self-deliver a project of this nature.


Normal glass fibre CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) liners were deemed as an unsatisfactory repair to United Utilities because of the maximum 50 years.

CLIENT: William Pye Limited / United Utilities life expectancy. UU insisted to the contractor that they wanted a repair that would last as long as the pipe already had, and would in the future.

Our solution was to design and fabricate a modular 10mm stainless steel tube liner, that could be inserted into the sewer via a 600mm MH cover and assembled in the sewer as we progressed along its length.

Upon acceptance of the idea, we were given 2-weeks to prepare a full-scale model of a small section of the liner, so that all stakeholders could get a hands-on feel for how the final product would look and how to safely assemble it in a confined space. We therefore installed a 900mm test pipe in our workshop so that the dedicated installation engineers could practice the assembly and make small alterations to assist them in doing so.

When all sections of the liner had been fabricated, it was fully assembled by the dedicated installation team in our workshop to allow for final testing and to ensure it all connected as per the design. It also allowed for any adjustments to be made there as opposed to 5 metres underground.

The liner was transported to site and successfully installed in a challenging confined space environment.