PMP Utilities – Experts in Pipeline Leakage Repair Using The AMEX-10 System

AMEX-10 is our pipeline leakage repair product. It can be used in pipelines of any diameter where safe man-access can be achieved and is widely used in both pressurised and non-pressurised pipelines. AMEX-10 seals have been used in pipelines up to 25 bar.

Where to use AMEX-10

PMP has installed AMEX-10 seals in pipelines on steep gradients and in vertical pipes.


AMEX-10 is the best method for achieving a permanent seal at the ends of Cured In Place Pipe linings (CIPP).

AMEX-10 seals have been installed exclusively by PMP for over 20 years in pipelines for the water, electricity generation, gas and process industries.

The AMEX-10 is a flexible, mechanical seal which does not suffer from the shortcomings of traditional chemical sealants and grouts.

What our customers say

E.ON UK, Killingholme Power Station, North Lincolnshire

“Killingholme Power Station was brought back into service in Summer 2005. During preparations to restore one of the station’s modules to active service, our operators discovered two faulty joints in one of the 1.8m-diameter return pipelines located underground below the generator compound. The station uses cooling water from the Humber Estuary at a working pressure of 2 bar. The AMEX-10 seal was an ideal choice for the harsh, salt water conditions and as a low profile mechanical seal there is no obstruction to flow. PMP completed the work in just two days and the results are very satisfactory. Above all, PMP provided the solution without any excavation being necessary.”
Julian Buckley, Engineer, E.ON UK

Birse Construction, Sandon Dock WwTW, Liverpool

“We called PMP in to repair leaking joints in a 1000mm diameter outlet pipe after water appeared between paving blocks. The leaking joints were located directly under a building and posed a threat to foundations. They used a four man team to complete the work within 48 hours. They gained access to the pipeline through the outlet in the tank floor and fitted AMEX-10 pipe joint seals to four pipe joints, including a steel to concrete pipe joint. PMP proved this was the best solution. They worked rapidly and effectively using conventional safety procedures, so I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”
Tom Gilfeather, Construction Manager, Birse Construction

Amco Construction – Kingairloch Hydro Scheme, Morvern Peninsula, Scotland

“We appointed PMP to carry out remedial works to 28 joints in a 4.5 kilometre pipeline at one of Scotland’s newest hydro electric schemes. The new pipeline was laid to very tight dimensional tolerances over upland terrain at variable gradients of up to 50%, but some of the joints did not conform to specification. PMP’s AMEX-10 seal provided us with a means of sealing the joints from within the pipe using roped access, without the need for chemical adhesives and their associated hazards. By completing the works internally trenching costs were avoided. PMP did a superb job in arduous conditions. Their service was very effective with a rapid response.”
Paul Owen, Contracts Manager, Amco Construction